About me

In September 2008, I started my PhD project at the department of Health Promotion, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. During my PhD project I examined the influence of parenting on children’s energy balance-related behavior. During this project I worked at the Children’s Nutrition Research Center (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, United States) for five months. In 2012, I obtained the Kootstra Talent Fellowship at Maastricht University to conduct various pilot studies for my proposed study entitled 'The context of childhood overweight: how parenting contributes to energy balance' that was granted by the Dutch Heart Foundation in 2014 (postdoc grant). I obtained my doctor's degree in Philosophy and registration as an Epidemiologist (registration number B 931) in 2013. 

Ester Sleddens 

I conduct most of my studies in the field of 'parenting' and 'prevention of overweight and obesity'. My main focus is on the study of determinants of dietary behavior and physical activity. Previously I have written various systematic reviews on these topics, developed and/or validated questionnaires related to parenting and child temperament and eating style, and was involved in several cohort studies and other observational studies including video-observation of parent-child interactions. In addition, I support efforts of students on the topics mentioned above and have an advisory role in national and international obesity-related projects.


Click here for a list of publications and click here for citations. 

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