Publications using the CGPQ

The correct citations for the different forms of the Comprehensive General Parenting Questionnaire (as of October 2017) are as follows. First, the key publications will be provided for the different forms. Thereafter, all other publications will be provided that used our instrument.


Key publications

85-item CGPQ (caregivers of 5-13 year old children)

Sleddens EFC, O’Connor TM, Watson KB, Hughes SO, Power TG, Thijs C, de Vries NK, Kremers SPJ. Development of the Comprehensive General Parenting Questionnaire for caregivers of 5-13 year olds. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 2014; 11:15

Sleddens EFC, Mâsse LC, Power TG, O’Connor TM, Thijs C, De Decker A, Michels N, Kremers SPJ. Validation of the 85-item Comprehensive General Parenting Questionnaire: a cluster-analytic approach to define parenting style and associations with child screen time. Submitted.


69-item CGPQ (caregivers of 1-4 year old children)

Van der Horst K, Sleddens EFC. Parenting styles, feeding styles and food-related parenting practices in relation to toddlers’ eating styles: A cluster-analytic approach. PLoS One 2017; 12:e0178149


48-item CGPQ (adolescent-report)

Dorus WM, van Assema P, Sleddens EFC, de Vries NK, Kremers SPJ. Associations between general parenting, restrictive snacking rules, and adolescent's snack intake. The roles of fathers and mothers and interparental congruence. Appetite 2015; 87, 184-191.



Other publications using the CGPQ (*)


Gevers DWM, Van Assema P, De Vries NK, Kremers SPJ. Explaining use of food parenting practices: The importance of predisposing factors and parental cognitions. Public Health Nutr 2017; 20, 2355-2363.


Gubbels JS, Van Kann DHH, Sleddens EFC, Stessen K, Kremers SPJ. The association between childcare workers' supervision style and toddlers' objectively assessed physical activity and BMI. Acta Paediatrica 2015; 104 (S466):11.



Bjelland M, Hausken S, Sleddens E, Andersen L, Lie H, Finset A, Maes L, Melbye E, Glavin K, Hanssen-Bauer M, Lien N. Development of family and dietary habits questionnaires: The assessment of family processes, dietary habits and adolescents' impulsiveness in Norwegian adolescents and their parents. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 2014; 11:130.

Sleddens EFC, Kremers SPJ, Stafleu A, Dagnelie PC, De Vries NK, Thijs C. Food parenting practices and child dietary behavior: Prospective relations and the moderating role of general parenting. Appetite 2014; 79, 42-50.

Philips N, Sioen I, Michels N, Sleddens E, De Henauw S. The influence of parenting style on health related behavior of children: Findings from the ChiBS study. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 2014; 11:95. 



Kremers S, Sleddens E, Gerards S, Gubbels J, Rodenburg G, Gevers D, Van Assema P. General and food-specific parenting: Measures and interplay. Chidhood Obesity 2013; 9, S22-S31.


* Note: This publication list will be updated regularly. However, if you come across a publication using the CGPQ that is not on the list above, please let us know by using the contact form. Thank you in advance.